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Elite Interior Detail

Elite Interior Detail

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Step into a refreshed and immaculate interior with our Interior Detailing Package. Designed to bring out the best in your car's cabin, our skilled technicians will deliver a meticulous cleaning and restoration process that will leave your vehicle's interior looking and feeling exceptional. With a focus on attention to detail, we ensure that every surface is thoroughly cleaned, protected, and revived. The Interior Detailing Package includes the following services:

  • Interior Vacuum: We'll perform a thorough vacuuming of your car's interior, reaching into every nook and cranny to remove dirt, dust, and debris.

  • Blowout Sand and Pet Hair: Our team will meticulously remove stubborn sand and pet hair from your car's upholstery and carpets, leaving them clean and fresh.

  • Spot Clean Upholstery/Leather: We'll carefully spot clean any stains or spills on your car's upholstery or leather seats, restoring their pristine appearance.

  • Deep Clean Interior Plastics: We'll give special attention to your car's interior plastics, deep cleaning them to remove grime and dirt buildup. This process will rejuvenate their appearance, leaving them looking like new.

  • Dress & Protect Interior Plastics: Our technicians will apply a high-quality dressing to your car's interior plastics, providing a protective layer that enhances their shine and guards against fading and cracking.

Experience the difference of a professionally detailed interior with our Interior Detailing Package. From a meticulously vacuumed and spotless cabin to revitalized and protected interior surfaces, we ensure that your car's interior will be in top-notch condition. Trust Crespo Clean to provide you with exceptional service and a result that exceeds your expectations.

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